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Where Do I Buy Baking Supplies In India?

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You know the biggest issue I faced when I decided I was going to take up baking seriously. No I do not mean professionally. I mean seriously. Like going beyond making a tea time cake. Like trying tarts, biscottis, muffins, quiches etc.

I could not, for life, find baking supplies. And I do not mean the simple stuff, like cocoa powder, like baking powder, soda bi-carb...I mean...I could not find cake molds, muffin molds, baking sheets, cookie cutters, cooling racks, ramekins, pie dishes...not the silly fibre stuff that works only under 15 minutes. And melts otherwise. I mean real stuff, like aluminium, silicon, like glassware.

It was a dark phase in my culinary lifetime. I did insane amounts of research online trying to see where I could get stuff from, at least online, if not in Hyderabad, my city. Did I tell you this city is very baker unfriendly? Well, yes, it is. Very. Unfriendly. But it's getting better.

This little post is my own compilation of the maddening research I did. Websites that sell in INR and ship within India and have a fairly good collection of most things you will need. Most, if not everything. Of course, I will also tell you of places I know of that you can visit, physical brick and mortar stores in India that have become my favourites.

Online stores

The expected names of online stores supplying across the country:

Rediff, Indiatimes, ExpressIndia, Ebay India

I must mention here that eBay and Rediff have started stocking some amazing baking supplies, even stand mixers like the KitchenAid and Sunbeam, cooling racks - some of them are expensive but if you want them badly, it may seem justified. Its better than getting them shipped from the US.

The unexpected ones:

20North: Lets you shop from the US but pay in INR. Shipping is pricey but if you want somehting very badly, you can resort to them.

Sanjeev Kapoor's Online Store: Again a bit on the expensive side but good stuff, mostly what you really do need in your kitchen, specific to baking. Then again, most big stores like Home Center and Home Town and even Croma stock his bakeware, although, personally, I find them ridiculously expensive. So unless you are desperate, I would say try other options.

Ideal Stores, Coimbatore: They are based in Coimbatore and even have a physical store there (in RS Puram), which is much loved by most women from Coimbatore. A bit pricey again, but way better than 20 North I would say, in terms of price. Of course, 20North has the best collection. But this stuff is good too.

Godrej Nature's Basket: These guys have an online store and stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune for now. All exotic fresh ingredients, organic ingredients, baking flours, sugars, cupcake decorations, liners, egg replacers and specialty cheeses and meats are available. They also home deliver if you call them.

GourmetCo: Based in Mumbai but they supply to all metros and most Tier 1 and 2 cities. They ship for free for orders above Rs750 and have a great selection of bake supplies. Oh, they also have a pasta machine up for sale plus an awesome organic section.

BakeSmart: Based out of Bangalore. I know they are an online store but they are very new. The first time I called, I got yelled at by a woman in Tamil. By the time she figured out that I had called to confirm that my order went through and for bank details to initiate a money transfer etc. I was quite fed up. But they are getting better and have some unusual supplies that you won't come across easily. They deliver across India and charge shipping.

FabFurnish: is based out of Delhi but supplies across. Great service, great products and reasonable prices.

Zansaar: based out of Bangalore and sort of expensive coz so may of their products are curated by designers or imported but totally worth it if you are looking for aesthetically superior bakeware. I LOVE them and they also have a huge bunch of edible supplies!

RoomStory & Urban Dazzle: I have not ordered from these folks so I'd suggest using Cash On Delivery. Also, they have great glassware, glass bakeware and kickass porcelain ramekin sets! Go buy now!

BTW, I also update baking resources across the country on my baking website's (Bake You!) resource page. Check there too, may have more than the stores I mention here depending on how and when I update.

Physical Indian Stores


Hypercity (The InOrbit Mall), Hi-Tech City, Madhapur, Bang Opp. iLabs:
Serveware, baking supplies, herbs, cheeses, the works. Just about everything.

Q-Mart: Road no 2, Banjara Hills: Every edible need, right from corn syrup to cheeses, to a thousand different kinds of chocolate, sauces. Much like Hypercity, smaller and focused mostly on the food FMCG sector, unlike Hypercity, which is everything...yes, everything.

General Bazaar, Secunderabad: Most baking supplies, right from pie dishes to silicon molds, cutters, choco chips, muffin trays, paper muffin cups, syrups etc. General Bazaar is a street and you have to keep walking right into it until you start feeling lost. It is one straight lane that curves but has no alleys as such. Towards the end, you will start seeing stores that give you these supplies. I am specifically talking about one shop here though...Sri Venkateshwara Agencies. Walk right in and give them your list...most often, they have most of what you need.

BTW, here's a blog post by a fellow food blogger who leads to a more detailed listing of supplies in Hyderabad: http://mjskitchenthrills.blogspot.com/2011/03/for-baking-moulds-and-more.html

Also, please do yourself a favour and go visit BakersKraft. They are in Begumpet and stock everything you need, even Wilton.


Poppat Jamaal's, Mount Road/Anna Salai Road, Bang Opp Spencer's:
I adore these guys. A friend even says they have the most insanely, ludicrously amazing sale. They have the world's best knives, molds, all shapes, pudding setters, cookie cutters, biscuit molds, ramekins, choppers, rolling pins, barbeques, mashers, pastry brushes...sigh...I am all nostalgic again. This is the ONLY reason I love Chennai. Their serveware and cutlery, crockery otherwise is expensive but the rest, like all those nice things I required then, are dirt cheap.

Within Spencer's, there is a store called Nuts N Spices - they have some fabulous preserves that you can use for your scones and they also stock pure vanilla bean that you can use to make your own vanilla extract, vanilla sugar etc. Here's the website that will list out all other details - no they do not sell online, very sad: http://nutsnspices.in/

Also, try the following blog post for some more dough on where to go in Chennai for your supplies: http://mjskitchenthrills.blogspot.com/2011/03/for-baking-moulds-and-more.html


There now...this is MY OWN CITY and I do not know of stores here. Please read Purple Foodie.

She keeps better track of what's available where but I know for sure that Crawford Market in Mumbai is the best place for most cooking and baking supplies you may require. There is Arife Lamoulde in Crawford which is every baker's dream come true - a shabby little shop but possibly your biggest resource - scan Crawford for exotic ingredients (right from wasabi to hazelnuts), and also essences.

Fresh Cream is best in Parsi dairy and can be used for whipping cream but has a supremely short shelf life. That is okay with me. Else there is the powder whipping cream from Blue Bird's in evey supermarket but that is sort of sucky. You could buy non-dairy soy based whipping cream that has a super long shelf life and tastes just fine - it works in most cases, available at Arife Lamoulde in 1 litre packs. Less than 200 bucks. Btw, Arife also has branches across Mumbai and they home deliver for 70-100 bucks. Check their online products catalogue, call the store nearest to you and ask them to home deliver. They work with cash on delivery.

There is also Bandra, and the usual names like Hypercity and Q-Mart, even Spencer's and Big Bazaar stock a few supplies.

I also seriously adore Home Town in Inorbit Mall, Malad. They have a wide range of products from OXO, Baker's Secrets, Progressive, Norpro - think egg poachers, egg and pancake rings, silicon and non-stick bakeware, pie dishes, Pyrex and Borosil glassware that are ovensafe, spatulas, flippers, butter beaters etc. I positively adore them.

Finally, there is Foodhall  for lots of ingredients and Dolce Vita too. Both at High Street Phoenix / Palladium, Lower Parel.

For cheeses, free range eggs, exotic herbs, baking tools etc. head over to Mumbai's own online gourmet shopping store, Foodesto.


Now I have been told of many stores in Bangalore (some of them in my comments section for this blog so please look there too) but I find it easiest to stop rambling and lead you to a blog that actually lists it all out quite neatly. Here you are: http://sumarowjee.blogspot.com/2010/01/whipping-cream.html

And then there is FoodForeThought for a ton of edible baking supplies. wish they were in Mumbai :( 

Even if I tried, i could not give you such a comprehensive listing for Bangalore. So love me for it :)


Kolkata I hear, has its baking supplies tucked away into the deepest parts of New Market. There is a bakery in the F block of New Market called Noham's Bakery - surrounding this place, you will find most of your basic requirements stocked. Check comments section for this post too and this post by a fellow blogger on baking supplies in Kolkata is a huge help too!


I will not rant and simple direct you to an already good list that another blogger has written down: http://thecookscottage.typepad.com/curry/2008/06/where-can-i-buy.html


We all love Deeba from Passionate About Baking. And even more so for lining up all Delhi baking resources!

Is this all? Of course not. I am sure there is more and I am waiting to hear from people who can help me find more such places.


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